5 Teeth Whitening Considerations For Coffee & Latte Lovers

Many people cannot make it through a morning without their coffee fix. While a jolt of caffeine may help start the work day, regular consumption of coffee, lattes and other bean-based products can lead to tooth staining. Instead of letting your teeth look like the bottom of a mug, professional cosmetic dentistry can help make your teeth look pearly white again. When choosing teeth whitening, there are many options for your mouth. Read More 

Cold Winter Weather And Your Teeth: What You Should Know

Cold weather can have an affect on your body. It can affect your heart, bones, skin and your immune system. But many people don't realize that cold outside temperatures can also have an affect on their teeth. This is more common with people who are outside for prolonged periods of time when it is cold, such as runners or roofers. If you were unaware that cold temperatures could impact your teeth, you may have many questions swirling around in your mind right now. Read More 

3 Reasons A Vampire – Or A Mortal – Should Seek Cosmetic Dentistry

Being a vampire has its rewards and its challenges. When it comes to survival, vampires need nice, functional, sharp incisors so they don't go hungry. However, sometimes it is those same pointy teeth that cause problems. While you may be as mortal as they come, this is one area in which you might relate to the mythical. And if you do, the solutions for these 3 major problems are worth looking into. Read More 

Dental Implants And Bone Grafting - Understanding What A Block Graft Is And When It Is Needed

If you have lost one or several teeth, then a dental implant from a dentist like Dale D. Lentz DDS may be a great choice for you. However, you may have very little bone tissue along the jaw where the device needs to be placed. When this happens, you will likely need a bone graft. A simple cow bone graft can be used or your oral surgeon can try to stimulate the formation of your own bone tissue. Read More 

5 Healthy Habits That Are Bad for Your Teeth

Most people know that keeping their teeth healthy is important for overall good health. However, not all healthy habits are good for your teeth. Here are five 'healthy' habits that are actually bad for your teeth. Drinking wine Studies have shown that drinking red wine can be good for heart health, and many people happily drink a glass or two for 'medicinal purposes' several times a week. However, the alcohol content in wine can be damaging to your teeth. Read More