Factors That Can Affect The Success Rate Of Dental Implants

Making the decision to get a dental implant is a great plan to have if you are missing a tooth, but have you ever wondered how successful dental implants are? After all, they are expensive options for replacing teeth. The good news is that dental implants have an extremely high success rate, which means the money you spend for one will be well worth it. What is the success rate of implants? Read More 

Understanding Some Drawbacks Of Root Canal Treatment

If you have an infected or abscessed tooth, then it may be time to have a root canal procedure. Root canals are considered tooth-saving treatments. This means that the tooth will not need to be pulled. While this is a great benefit to you and your overall oral health, you should know that there are some drawbacks to root canals. Keep reading to learn what they are so you are well informed before the root canal is performed. Read More 

Why Flossing Is Important If You Want To Whiten Your Teeth

Nearly everyone wants their teeth to look white in order to have their most perfect smile. However, simply whitening your teeth may not give you the results you want. If you're not flossing your teeth, you could be developing a problem that all the teeth whitening products in the world can't fix. Read on to learn more about this and to learn how you can fix it. Unsightly Plaque Between Teeth Read More 

2 Tips To Avoid Soft Tissue Irritation Around Dental Implants When Using An At Home Whitening Kit

While an at-home whitening kit is available to all individuals, there is a bit of a learning curve. A dentist can perform a whitening procedure in the dental office with ease due to experience. In your case, you may find he entire procedure challenging and messy. The messiness can result in whitening gel that makes it on the gum tissue around your dental implants and results in soft tissue irritation. The tissue around your dental implants is already sensitive due to the implant placement. Read More 

Why Dental Implants Are So Good At Keeping Your Jaw Strong

If your dentist is discussing the idea of dental implants with you, they may have mentioned that dental implants are extremely helpful in keeping your jaw bones strong. This is true, but you might if you want to know the specifics as to why that is, you've come to the right place. Read on to learn more about how dental implants can keep your jaw strong. Why Dentures Are Inferior Read More