How to Clean Your Invisalign Braces & Keep Them from Becoming Cloudy

If you want straighter teeth, then you have several different options when it comes to braces. If aesthetics are important to you during the straightening process, then clear aligners are your best option. However, aligners can become cloudy during the two-week wear period, and this can make the braces quite noticeable. You can prevent clouding and keep your braces invisible with the following tips. Use the Right Cleaner Invisalign braces are made from an elastic thermoplastic material. Read More 

7 Reasons Why Your Teeth Are Sensitive

If you shriek in pain every time you eat ice cream or brush your teeth too hard, it is very possible that you have sensitive teeth. But you are not alone. Approximately 40 million adults in the United States deal with sensitive teeth, according to the Academy of General Dentistry. However, you do not have to put up with the discomfort forever. If you determine why your teeth are sensitive and make the appropriate changes, you can feel fix the problem. Read More 

Moldy Electric Water Flosser: It Is The Reason You Feel Unwell All The Time?

If you feel unwell all the time, even after eating right and exercising on a regular basis, check your electric water flosser for black mold. Your bathroom is one of the common places for mold growth. It lurks behind your bathroom counters, around your bathtub, and even along the base of your toilet. But one place you might not think to check for mold is your electric water flosser. Although water flossers are effective tools to remove plaque and bacteria from your mouth, the oral care appliances may develop mold in the parts needed to clean your mouth and store water. Read More 

3 Things You Need To Know About Palatal Burns

Palatal burns, also called pizza palate, are burns on the roof of your mouth that occur when you consume a hot food or beverage. As the name suggests, pizza is a common culprit, but any hot food or drink can burn your palate and lead to this condition. Here are three things you need to know about palatal burns. What are the signs of palatal burns? If you experience a palatal burn, you'll feel pain and a burning sensation on the roof of your mouth. Read More 

How Can Your Dentist Fix The Gap Between Your Two Front Teeth?

Celebrities like Anna Paquin and Lara Stone have made tooth gaps more acceptable, but if you still can't stand that gap between your two front teeth, you don't have to go on living with it. Your best bet is to visit a cosmetic dentist. He or she may recommend one of these treatments to close or camouflage your tooth gap. Braces or Invisible Aligners Sometimes the space between your two front teeth exists because all of your teeth are located just a little further " Read More