2 Things To Know About A Chipped Tooth

Teeth are strong, yet they can crack, chip, or break if they experience enough force. If something happened to one of your teeth that caused the tooth to chip, you might want to get it fixed. If you are considering leaving it chipped, you might want to think twice. Here are two things you should know about chipped teeth. Reasons to Fix Chipped Teeth When you have a chipped tooth, you can choose to fix it or ignore it. Read More 

Deal With Your Toothache Right Now

That nagging pain in your mouth just won't go away. You keep meaning to schedule a dentist appointment but you know that your current dentist is usually backed up with patients and might not be able to see you for weeks. Stop hoping that the pain will just disappear and get it taken care of by contacting a same-day dental expert. Immediate Pain Relief There's no guarantee that a same-day dental expert will be able to immediately solve your pain problem, but you won't know what's possible until you show up. Read More 

3 Questions About Dental Implants If You’re Missing Teeth

A missing tooth is not something that you want to take lightly, since it can do more than just cause an imperfection in your smile. That's why a dental implant can be a great solution to your problem with missing teeth. Here are some questions you may have about dental implants if you are serious about getting one. Is It Worth Getting Just One Dental Implant? You may assume that a single missing tooth is not worth the trouble of getting a dental implant. Read More 

Signs You Need Your Filling Checked Out

You have a filling to help protect your smile against further damage. A filling is a composite that is placed inside the hole left behind when the cavity-ridden part of the tooth is cleared out and helps to strengthen the tooth and make your mouth healthier. Your filling may not last forever but should last for some time without giving you any issues. Once your filling has worn out completely, you should have this part of your tooth checked out since your tooth will then be susceptible to damage and can become reinfected. Read More 

This Is Why A Root Canal Is Ultimately Good For Your Whole Mouth

Having a root canal isn't typically something that most people want to go through, but it can very useful for your oral health. If your dentist is planning on using a root canal to help your oral health, it might make you feel better to learn that these are the benefits you'll reap from it. Preserves Tooth When you get a root canal, it's typically because some kind of intense trauma or damage has occurred to the tooth. Read More