4 Reasons Why Dental Implants Are So Popular

Has your dentist recommended tooth extraction? While at it, you should research various replacement options available. Dental implants offer an incredible way to replace your real teeth. Apart from looking natural, dental implants offer many benefits that make them so popular. This piece aims at highlighting the advantages of getting implants.

1. Cosmetic Benefits

Missing teeth can affect your smile and speech, leading to low self-confidence. It makes smiling and interacting with other people in public a challenging task. Over time, if you fail to replace teeth, the jaw starts to resorb and tampers with your facial structure. As a result, you might appear older than you are due to your sunken face.

Dental implants can help you restore your younger appearance by encouraging bone stimulation. Restoring your teeth permanently also ensures you can smile again in public and boosts your self-esteem.

2. Lasting Solution

Implants are deeply anchored into the jawbone, where they can last a lifetime. Dentures become loose over time, requiring repairs and replacements. They offer short-term relief before they begin to slip out and apply pressure on your gums.

Implants will be the best choice if you want a replacement that doesn't require repairs and replacements. The dentist will instruct you on maintaining high oral hygiene to keep dental diseases at bay.

3. Improved Functions and Comfort

Tooth loss makes chewing difficult, so you might have to forego some of your favorite meals. Over-the-gums replacements don't guarantee comfort either. Some patients complain that their loose dentures might fall out when eating, which can be embarrassing. Besides, the dentures can exert pressure on the gums and lead to discomfort or mild pain.

When you choose implants, you get to eat whatever you like. You can talk and eat as you like without worrying that your teeth will slip out. Therefore, you will enjoy improved function and comfort when investing in dental implants.

4. Protect the Real Teeth

If you don't replace missing teeth, the adjacent teeth might fall off. This is mainly due to bone loss. Bridges encourage tooth loss because they sit on gums rather than stimulate jawbone growth. If you want to protect your other teeth and prevent them from falling off, implants can help you accomplish that. Furthermore, they are designed to support themselves without stressing other teeth.

You don't have to struggle with self-esteem issues due to dental gaps. Restore a beautiful smile by choosing dental implants. Set an appointment with your dentist today to start your teeth replacement journey.