Signs You Need Your Filling Checked Out

You have a filling to help protect your smile against further damage. A filling is a composite that is placed inside the hole left behind when the cavity-ridden part of the tooth is cleared out and helps to strengthen the tooth and make your mouth healthier. Your filling may not last forever but should last for some time without giving you any issues. Once your filling has worn out completely, you should have this part of your tooth checked out since your tooth will then be susceptible to damage and can become reinfected.

You will be able to have your tooth examined in the dentist's chair and will be able to have your services taken care of with ease. Here are signs you need dental services for your filling:

Parts of your filling are loose or missing

Fillings for teeth are often made of ceramic or porcelain and can even be made of some type of metal composite. While the material used in fillings is adhered to the tooth when the filling is initially put in place, the material can eventually wear out and leave the tooth exposed. Sometimes the filling chips off bit by bit, while other times it falls out completely.

Even if you feel no pain when your filling wears away, call your dentist for an appointment. Any exposed tooth matter can become reinfected again and lead to the total decay of the tooth or other issues like the need for a root canal. All this can be avoided by having a filling replaced before the tooth can be further injured.

Parts of your repaired tooth are in pain

Do you feel a sharp pain in any part of your tooth? Do you feel a stabbing or dull ache when you eat or drink something hot or very cold? If so, then your filling likely has come loose and is exposing parts of your tender tooth's innards. Your nerves may also be exposed. If you breathe in deeply, you may also feel a sharp or stinging pain as the air goes over your tooth.

You want to get your tooth checked out for two reasons in this instance: your filling may be compromised, causing you pain. Or, your tooth may have another cavity around the original filling that needs to be addressed. Your dentist will do an oral exam and maybe take x-rays to determine the best way to repair your smile to healthy condition again.