How Cosmetic Dentist Services Improve Your Smile And Help You To Maintain Healthy Oral Care

Cosmetic dentistry has become popular with many people seeking to improve their smile. Cosmetic dentists have multiple tools to close spaces between your teeth and replace teeth, among other procedures. Before you have any dental procedures performed, it's important to discuss their benefits and risks. You may also want to discuss what you should expect during the process. There are other things you should talk about before undergoing any procedures. Be assured that cosmetic dentist services not only improve your smile, but it also helps you maintain healthy oral care.

Upfront Discussions

Remember to thoroughly discuss the costs of your procedure. Learn about how many years experience your dentist has performing the procedures you plan on having. You need to also question whether there will be any special type of maintenance necessary following the proposed procedure. Note that sometimes you can have more than one procedure done in one day.

Bonding Teeth

If there is excess space between your teeth or if they are cracked and chipped, your dentist can fill the excess space during a bonding procedure. The bonding material is sometimes also used to fill small cavities and to protect an exposed root on a tooth. Your dentist will use a bonding etching solution that's followed by the application of tooth-colored materials to fill in obvious spaces. Composite resins may even be used directly on your tooth's surface wherever it's needed. Bonding procedures are generally completed within two hours.

Restorative Dental Care

You can undergo restorative dental care, and this is particularly helpful if you suffered some type of physical trauma that weakened your teeth over time, chipped your teeth, or left you with more missing teeth. If you do not fix these problems, a bite misalignment could develop, along with an inclination for more tooth loss in the future. Restoring your dental structure prevents nearby teeth from shifting and eliminates any misaligned bite from developing.

Enamel Discoloration Procedure

If you're a tobacco smoker, there is the potential for your teeth to have superficial discoloration over time. Stains from soda, wine, and coffee can also cover the enamel on your teeth. You can get rid of enamel discoloration by undergoing enamel abrasion. A fine pumice is used in a micro-abrasion machine to remove stains that are just surface stains. Your dentist knows which stain removal process is best for your teeth.

Teeth Whitening

You can have teeth whitening done in a dental office. Your dentist or the office hygienist cleans your teeth in preparation for the procedure. The cleaning removes all food, bacteria or other substances that built up on your teeth and contributed to staining. The whitening procedure is then executed. You also have the option of cleaning off the stains at home. In this case, you'll be given written instructions about how to use whitening gel to remove stains twice daily for up to three weeks.

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