Things To Know About Dental Health And What You Drink

While you may put a lot of time and effort into caring for your teeth on a daily basis, you may be missing out on some important information that may end up defeating your best efforts at avoiding certain dental problems. While it is true that eating certain foods can increase the chances of issues like cavities or staining, it's also true that drinks can harm your teeth and cause a number of different issues, even more so than foods in some cases. There are also some drinks that are good for your teeth. Here are some of the things you should know about drinks and the various things they can do to your teeth and mouth:

Water is the best thing you can drink for your health and teeth

When you drink water, you are hydrating your body to ensure that all of its systems work as they should. Water will also help your mouth to maintain good health by:

  • Preventing dehydration that can cause dental problems
  • Rinsing things off your teeth that can lead to staining
  • Removing some of the plaque and bacteria from the surfaces to decrease instances of cavities
  • Fight off the development of bad breath

Milk is another great drink for your teeth

Milk is great when it comes to helping to keep your teeth strong since it contains a good amount of Vitamin D and calcium; both of which help strengthen teeth. Also, since milk is white, you won't have to worry about it causing staining and discoloration to the surfaces of your teeth.

Coffees, teas, and red wine can stain your teeth

Coffee drinks, teas and red wine all have a dark color to them that is stubborn. When you drink these things it is crucial for you to brush after, drink water after or even chew sugarless gum after. This will help dilute the amount of staining agent that remains on your teeth.

Juices and sodas can increase your cavity risks

While it may seem odd to put juices (which many consider a healthier option) in the same category as sodas (which are considered to be a type of junk food), they are in the same category due to their sugar content. The sugars in soda and juice are in excessive amounts and left on your teeth they can contribute to the development of bad breath, excessive plaque multiplication, and cavities. Depending on their coloring, they can also contribute to staining as well. 

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