2 Tips To Avoid Soft Tissue Irritation Around Dental Implants When Using An At Home Whitening Kit

While an at-home whitening kit is available to all individuals, there is a bit of a learning curve. A dentist can perform a whitening procedure in the dental office with ease due to experience. In your case, you may find he entire procedure challenging and messy. The messiness can result in whitening gel that makes it on the gum tissue around your dental implants and results in soft tissue irritation. The tissue around your dental implants is already sensitive due to the implant placement. While this irritation is not permanent, it can result in discomfort for the remainder of the whitening procedure and make it hard to use your implants. In order to avoid this from occurring, there are a few tips that you can use to avoid this.

Use an Oral Suction Tool to Clean Up Any Mess

If you are a beginner to at-home whitening kits, then you will most likely have a bit of leakage from your whitening trays. As you get better at determining how much gel is too much, you will be able to avoid too much leakage. In order to prevent this gel from coming in contact with your skin, you can use an oral suction tool to remove the excess. The oral suction tool works similar to a vacuum. It will quickly remove any excess gel along with saliva that may be building up in your mouth.

Less Gel is Always More

When you apply the gel to the trays, you should keep in mind that less is always more. It may be instinct for you to add as much gel to the trays as possible in order to get the whitest smile. However, this can end up over-processing your teeth. You will end up with teeth that are gray and somewhat see-through. Therefore, if you feel as though the gel has the ability to leak, then avoid adding more gel to the tray. If you add too little gel, you can always come back and whiten your teeth within a few days. Adding a smaller amount of gel will ensure that the product does not have the ability to come in contact with your gum tissue.

While whitening gel works well for your teeth it does not feel pleasant when it is applied to your gum tissue surrounding your dental implants. Therefore, use these tips to ensure that you are careful in your application and avoid developing any irritation. For more information, contact a company like The Center For Oral & Facial Surgery at Anthem.