False Teeth Options: Benefits Of Same-Day Dental Implants

Have you lost one or more of your teeth? If so, you may think that dentures or bridges are your only options. Many people, however, find that these options are not only hard to wear but can also be somewhat uncomfortable and inconvenient. If you want a more permanent solution, dental implants may be a more viable option for you. What makes this option even better is that you can opt for same-day implants so that you do not have to spend several days in the dental chair. The following are some things you should know and the benefits of same-day dental implants:

How Does The Process Work?

There are two basic steps when it comes to dental implants. First, screws that are shaped like implants are placed into the jaw beneath the gum. The false teeth are then attached to the screws. This provides the look of perfectly formed teeth.

Getting dental implants is considered a surgery, but it is not as invasive as it may sound. The result is immediate new teeth that are gleaming and healthy. You will be free from ill-fitting false teeth that you have to take in and out in order to maintain.

What Are The Benefits Of Same-Day Implants?

The primary benefit of same-day implants is obviously the fact that you can get the procedure done and out of the way in one day. You enter your appointment and your implants will be made that day and placed at the same appointment. It is safe and comfortable, even for the most squeamish of dental patients. Dental implants are just as strong, if not stronger, as your real teeth. They are designed to fit in with the rest of your original teeth, even down to the shade of white so that they match perfectly. The implants will replace the dead or damaged roots so that you will not have any more pain. In addition, the implants will never need to be replaced or removed. You will no longer have to worry about false teeth slipping around in your mouth.

If you are considering dental implants, ask your dentist about implant dentistry and getting them done in one single day. One thing to keep in mind about implants is cost. Dental implants are going to be considerably more expensive than other false teeth options. However, after the initial investment, you will not have any  more maintenance costs as you would with dentures, bridges, or veneers. Implants are very strong and sturdy and will never need to be replaced.